Toote detailid
Kaubamärk Tempish
Suurus 36-42
Värv Valge
Tootekood TH1300001616


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Telli kohe ja saad kauba kätte juba 21. september
Tasuta transport alates 100€
Pood 36 37 38 39 40 41 42
Mustamäe PopSport!-------
Zeppelini PopSport!-------
Kontor / ladu245+2211


Tempish naiste iluuisud hobispordiks.
Välismaterjal struktureeritud PVC, välispind tehiskarvaga.

Sisemine vooder - sünteetiline vill hea termoisolatsiooni ja mäluga.

Pahkluu toestus.

Recommended use Recreational figure skating.
Category Lady/Kids
Outer material PVC structure with surface modification PIMPLE, fake fur
Inner material Synthetic wool - fulfils perfectly thermo isolation and anatomical bandage functions
Anatomical ankle YES
Construction Comfortable adjustment of boot to the shape of foot
Lining INTEGRAL thermo - anatomical bandage with latex-based memory DB 120 in the ankle area
Blade TEMPISH WAVE, stainless steel, polished
Fastening system Laces


Women’s ice-skate FINE of classical design intended for recreational and performance skating. The boot is made of durable PVC which has interesting finish with plastic relief. Outer and inner fur is very pleasant to touch and especially ensures thermal comfort since it maintains warmth in the boot even at low temperatures and during long stay on an ice-rink or natural ice. Inner anatomically shaped lining with latex-based memory DB 120 fixes a foot firmly in the boot and perfectly transmits movement from feet to skates. Anatomically shaped shell in the ankle area ensures comfortable using the skate and thanks to it you can spend hours on ice and your ankles will be “pampered”. For this skate brand new blade design TEMPISH WAVE which is from stainless steel and polished.

Size: 36 - 42

Length of inner liner:

Size: 36 - 23,3 cm

Size: 37 - 24,0 cm

Size: 38 - 24,7 cm

Size: 39 - 25,3 cm

Size: 40 - 26,0 cm

Size: 41 - 26,7 cm

Size: 42 - 27,5 cm